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"Development is sustainable if it enables the needs of future generations to be met."(Rio Convention 1992)
A managed wheat sector in France
A managed wheat sector in France for premium pasta
To be sure of eating good, healthy food

Managed Agriculture

Managed agriculture is a compromise which strikes a balance between producers' productivity goals, the demands of consumers and environmental concerns.

Sustainable agriculture is based on:

- adjusted treatment: "during the growth of durum wheat: just what it takes at just the right time! ". The nutrients added to wheats take into account the actual needs of the plant for its growth in order to optimise its nutritional value.

- "No treatment after harvesting"
Once the wheat has been harvested, the protective covering called the "chaff" is removed. The stripped grain is kept without treatment, to keep the grain intact before grinding.

- requirements and traceability:

• Choosing fields away from all sources of pollution.
• Partnership with farmers who commit themselves to abide by ALPINA Savoie's strict specifications for managed sourcing.
To enjoy premium pasta that holds extremely well on cooking

Chambéry spotted on France MapSince 1844, ALPINA Savoie has gained and enriched its expertise as a semolina and pasta manufacturer. In order to develop premium pasta, Alpina Savoie pasta is made using a strict and stringent sourcing process.

- Selecting the right varieties
French wheat varieties are selected upstream in order to optimise the intrinsic quality of the grain and produce bright yellow pasta that holds extremely well on cooking.

- Selecting wheat grown exclusively in France.
In order to ensure traceability from the field to the plate, ALPINA Savoie selects exclusively French crops and develops partnerships with local farmers.

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