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Ebullition Pâtes
Publicize and legitimize the creative excitement of chefs and revival of pasta
Les chefs
The chefs
« Ebullition Pâtes »

Discover the Chefs of “Ebullition Pâtes”:
refinement, character, inventiveness...
Rendezvous in their restaurants to understand the spirit that motivates them and that appealed to ALPINA Savoie.

“Ebullition Pâtes” members:
Pierre Marin
Luc Reversade
Laurence Salomon
Jean Sulpice
Pierre Marin - Restaurant "Auberge Lamartine" Pierre Marin, a chef with Michelin stars, welcomes you to Auberge Lamartine in an exceptional setting. Between aesthetic pleasure and sensual delight, his cooking is a harmonious art that starts with an exhilarating appetizer and ends with an exquisite momentary delicacy.

Auberge Lamartine
Route du Tunnel du Chat
RN 504
Tél. 04 79 25 01 03

Luc Reversade - Restaurant "La Fruitière" Luc Reversade welcomes you to La Fruitière (a restaurant high up in the mountains serving only lunch), a brasserie that is both modern and respectful of tradition. The decoration is inspired by a Savoie milk cooperative from the beginning of the last century. Hearty traditional “fine” cooking in a trendy and intimate atmosphere!

La Fruitière
La Daille
Tél. 04 79 06 07 17

Laurence Salomon - Restaurant "Nature et Saveur" Laurence Salomon welcomes you to her restaurant Nature et Saveur. An atypical chef, she has made a reality here of her passion for the culinary arts and health by associating pleasure with well-being. Her unusual know-how and her training as a naturopath enable her to make “beautiful, good, healthy and easily digested” meals by combining organic and local farm produce.

Nature et Saveur
Place des Cordeliers
74 000 ANNECY
Tél. 04 50 45 82 29

Jean Sulpice - Restaurant "L’Oxalys" Young chef Jean Sulpice, recently awarded a Michelin star, welcomes you to his restaurant Oxalys. A surprisingly inventive cuisine combining Savoie products, forgotten vegetables and wild plants. He offers varied flavours and textures in a colourful, fragrant and stunning menu.

Tél. 04 76 00 12 00

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